Laser Safety (Online Course)

Course Code – LS103OL

Laser Safety (Online Course)

Course Code – LS103OL

Online Laser Safety course covers theory and practical knowledge for performing safe and effective laser, IPL, and diode as well as laser rejuvenation and pigmentation treatments. In this course students learn the basic principles behind IPL and laser technology to maximise their treatment potential. This course assist students to discover how to treat pigmentary and vascular concerns using Candela and Cutera machines. This course bring experience and expertise to your clinical treatments to achieve outstanding results for your clients.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Clear understanding of science behind lasers, IPL, and diode as well as mastery in how and why these technologies operate
  • Identifying lasers, IPL, and diode treatment process and their level of the tissue interactions
  • Clear understanding of all legal considerations for the use of lasers, IPL, and diode technologies in Australian
  • Clear understanding of required all safety precautions
  • Understanding all potential risks involve with using lasers, IPL, and diode technologies and identifying all possible safety plans in a clinical setting
  • Classify, explain and select appropriate lasers and IPL for a variety of clinical presentations


Carrier Options:

  • Laser Technician
  • Beauty Therapists
  • Skin Therapist


  1. Operational characteristics of laser, IPL, and Diode
  2. Laser, IPL, and Diode hazard
  3. Understanding laser, IPL, and Diode consultation and consents
  4. Principles of procedures for laser, IPL, and Diode use
  5. Laser, IPL, and DiodeEquipment and delivery systems
  6. Laser, IPL, and DiodeSafety Administrative requirements
  7. LSO Responsibilities
  8. Acceptance, Quality Assurance Testing & Preventative maintenance Laser, IPL, and Diode safe practices



Laser Safety


6 Months


Access Online

Program Fee



Accredited Laser Safety Certificate


Certificate III or Certificate IV in Beauty

Practical Component

None Skill Level, Beginner/Intermediate


Direct debit, credit, After Pay, Zip Pay

This course is online, if you’d like face to face training please go to this link to find our Laser Safety Face to Face course.