HIFU  (Mastery Level)

Course Code HF-112ML

HIFU  (Mastery Level)

Course Code HF-112ML

This course covers theory and practical applications for performing safe and effective microdermabrasion treatments at a beauty/clinical level. More than just an exfoliating treatment. In this course students will be introduced to skills and knowledge required to use pre-set systems applying crystals and vacuum suction for exfoliate the skin for both face and body.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding how to establish priorities with the patients and synthesise knowledge of skin science and Microdermabrasion treatment outcomes on skin structure
  • Learning How to design and provide a safe and effective Micro-dermabrasion treatments
  • Learning How to use different skin care products for Microdermabrasion Learning to operate the Microdermabrasion machine Step by step Microdermabrasion facial procedureLearning how to customise your microdermabrasion treatments to take your services to the next level.
  • Discovering how to incorporate cosmeceutical grade skin care into your treatments for an advanced, cosmedical treatment for your client that delivers resultsUtilising specialised products and electrical equipment for a range of skin conditions.
  • Understanding how to provide before and after care advice for microdermabrasion treatment considering clients skin concerns.


Carrier Options:

  • Beauty Therapists
  • Dermal Therapist


  1. Introduction to Microdermabrasion
  2. Different types of Microdermabrasion treatment
  3. Microdermabrasion and relevant skin concern
  4. Step by step Microdermabrasion treatment and facial procedure
  5. Post and pre care different Microdermabrasion treatments

Microdermabrasion Entry Certificate





Mastery Level


1 day Training + 8 hours practical on clinic



Program Fee

Individual 650$ – Group of five 2500$ (500$ per person)


Microdermabrasion Entry Certificate


Certificate III or Certificate IV in beauty

Practical Component


Assessment Details

Written Theory Exam & Practical Assessment


Direct debit, credit, After Pay, Zip Pay