Dermal Science (Online Course)

Course Code – DS101OL

Dermal Science (Online Course)

Course Code – DS101OL

This online course has been designed for cosmetic Dermal therapist and beauty therapists to learn and review their knowledge of skin science, diagnose simple skin conditions and how to conduct an effective skin consultation, recognising when to refer on. Our most popular, in-depth, and in-demand course is right here. Learn the foundations of skin biology, dermal science, skin function, and all things skin.


Modern skin treatments and service see therapists perform treatments that involve advanced technology, equipment and extensive knowledge of the skin and skin disorders. This course provides an in-depth understanding of skin biology and skin function. Learn about skin treatments and dermal therapies to advance your skill set. This course is essential for any beauty and dermal therapist, registered nurse, dermal therapist or anyone with an interest in all skin care and science .


This course sets the basic foundation in cosmetic medicine, before embarking on learning about cosmetic treatments. This course is a pre-requisite for the Laser Safety courses and other IPL/Medical laser course as well as the Skin Care, Peels & Micro-needling course.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Benefiting from competent, efficient and compassionate clinical care in the Dermal profession
  • Understanding variety of dermal treatments using some of the most advanced, evidenced based technologies.
  • Applying communication and assessment strategies to patient consultationUnderstanding and Analysing epidermal resurfacing techniques
  • understanding principles of anatomy and physiology to dermal therapies


Carrier Options:

  • Cosmetic Medical Clinics
  • Aesthetics Clinics
  • MedispasDermal Therapy Clinics
  • Dermal Industry Education
  • Cosmetic Research and Development Opportunities
  1. Introduction in Dermal Science
  2. Review the structure of the skin layers relevant to the practice of facial
  3. Skin levels’ functions and the role that it plays in thermoregulation
  4. Skin types and structure pre/post-operative skin care
  5. Skin concerns and issue Skin treatments


Dermal Science


6 Months


Access Online

Program Fee



Dermal Science & Physiology


Certificate IV in Beauty & Physiology

Practical Component

None Skill Level, Beginner/Intermediate


None Skill Level, Beginner/Intermediate

This course is online, if you’d like face to face training please go to this link to find Dermal Sceince Face to Face Course.